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"Freedom of Speech" is an ongoing project born out of my observation of a growing segment of our society of people who are rejecting reality and factual knowledge. They are shifting to an acceptance of dogmatic beliefs in perceived realities that fit a personal narrative which appears delusional when viewed from a rational perspective. This concept was reinforced by my profession as the medical director at a regional hospital as I watched our facility become overrun with COVID patients while people in our community completely ignored expert recommendations, and even went as far as to threaten health care experts. I invited people to participate in this project who are from different occupations and feel that they have been affected by this cultural shift. As I took the portraits I asked each person how this cultural turmoil makes them feel.
Freedom of Speech: The StudentFreedom of Speech:  The EMT, Student, Single MotherFreedom of Speech: The PhysicianFreedom of Speech: The Songwriter, PlaywrightFreedom of Speech: The Legal AssistantFreedom of Speech: The PsychologistFreedom of Speech: The PsychiatristFreedom of Speech: The Young HipsterFreedom of Speech: The Doctor of Public HealthFreedom of Speech: The Actor, PlaywrightFreedom of Speech: The Songwriter, DreamerFreedom of Speech: The Business Owner